Sales Magnet was created to solve a problem we identified while consulting Business executives, NGO Directors and Small business owners. We’ve worked with customers in different industries and in different phases of business since 2010.

We realised that many of the businesses we worked with are wasting heaps of time and money to look for customers. Yes this even happens in large sales teams.

They created websites, social media pages and content and heaps of other things. Now in 2020 many of them created some sort of online store front. While this is great, each upgrade to this infrastructure also comes with a significant price point and often delivers low ROI (Read I throw money at it and make very little back).

But the nagging theme remained. How do you get potential customers for a reasonable rate?

Now you could spend heaps of time and resources perfecting all these digital levers. And the underlying technology will have moved on by the time you get everything tweaked just right.

What if there was a simpler alternative? SalesMagnet simplifies this process for your Business by providing practical solutions that match the phase and budget and objectives of your business.

Our Customers say continually rate our consultative approach as our largest asset.