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Different Types of leads

If you’ve been at sales for a while you’ll know that not all leads are created equal.

Cold Leads

Cold leads are those potential customers you have to track down and try to get an audience with. This is a hit and miss process that can suck the life blood right out of you.

Quite often Sales people are stuck with calling cold leads. “Where did you get my number” really tells you this person is annoyed with this type of calling. And if you’ve ever been hunted down by Insurance and Cellular industries you know how they feel.

Warm Leads

Sales Magnet provide warm leads. These are people who have responded to your type of offering and are saying: Yes, please provide me with more information about your service or products.

Not only do Warm Leads convert better, they also are much more fun to work with. You and your sales team can now focus on delighting an interested customer instead using all your energy to track down interested customers.

How do I get leads from SalesMagnet?

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