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The Customer is an online fasion retailer with serious game. They provide great fasion at unbelievable prices.

The Need

The Need: needed a better mobile experience for their customers in a hurry. Their site was lagging with average 18seconds before a customer could interact with the site on mobile.

The reason for this is because their Ecommerce site had started taking off at a serious pace. This is a testimony of this e-tailer’s tenacity. But with growth comes all sorts of challenges including their site to become slow at times.

Core to this issue whas that the site seemed to jump around as it loaded. And images took ages to come into full view after the site was opened up. This was much more visible on mobile phones.

What we did

We optimized the site’s performance to improve loading times and optimized above the fold content. During this time we optimized Images and JS and CSS assets. And we compressed and refactored thousands of Images. Getting page speeds and responsiveness just right is a skill that requires pulling right levers.


Loading times improved 20% in 2days flat. The site’s layout no longer suffers from content shifting about.

Sales increased markedly in the past day and Abandonment rates are down by a whopping 30%

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We’re happy with the initial outcome and looking forward to taking this site to the next level.

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